Bay Area Edm Events

 Resollective is the number one source for Bay Area EDM events. We work with some of the top young, up and coming musicians in the Bay Area. EDM events in the bay area always have one of our artist performing at their showcases. Resollective has began to make a name for ourselves in the Bay Area EDM events industry and we hope to continue to grow.

Besides the Bay Area, EDM events all over the world are our goal. We want to start a movement and change the way people view EDM music. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects that EDM music is associated with, we want people to see the positive. Through Resollective, we want people to see a community of young and talented musicians coming together for a common goal.

Resollective isn’t just about music. Resollective is a movement. It’s about giving young people a chance to showcase their talent and ability to a wider audience. It’s an opportunity for young musicians to grow and learn from each other, all while creating music that people will love.

Our website features some of the amazing music we have produced with our Bay Area EDM artist. To discover more tracks and stay up to date with our music you can follow our sound cloud and help share our music.

If you want to be apart of our movement, feel free to contact us at our email If you have any questions about our music, events, or how to work with some of our artist, we would be happy to answer.


Bay Area Edm Events