Edm San Francisco

San Francisco has always been a major hub for EDM. San Francisco is known for hosting a variety of music festivals such as the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival. Recently EDM has made its way to San Francisco and is taking over the city.

Within this major EDM hub, Resollective has truly made a name for itself, by giving young artist the tools to succeed in EDM. San Francisco is currently where our state of the art creative technology studio is located. We give our musicians access to the finest recording and sound editing equipment in the music industry. At Resollective we want to ensure that our musicians have what they need to create their EDM music. 

While also giving our artist the tools to create their music, we give them a platform to distribute their art as well. We help young artists reach more people through our distribution partnerships. We also try to add to the EDM scene in San Francisco by hosting live events to showcase our artists’ unique work.

 Our website features some of the amazing music we have produced with our Bay Area EDM artist. To discover more tracks and stay up to date with our music you can follow our sound cloud and help share our music.

If you want to be apart of our movement, feel free to contact us at our email If you have any questions about our music, events, or how to work with some of our artist, we would be happy to answer.

Edm San Francisco